Business trip to Juneau.

A business trip to Juneau.  My first business trip.  And it couldn’t have gone better.  Well, that’s not true.  It could have gone better.  My client could have shown up, or even simply returned my phone calls.  But it went as well as could be expected.

But the day in Juneau, the six hours I had after the hearing couldn’t have gone better.  For starters, while it’s been raining for weeks in Palmer, the Juneau sky was clear blue.  Even shocking blue.

I lunched at perhaps the most touristy of the touristy places, Tracy’s King Crab Shack.  Seriously, it was maybe fifty feet from a docked cruise ship (can you see in the picture?).  I ordered a half a pound of snow crab and home-made coleslaw and made small talk with Mike from Kodiak who had been on my flight from Anchorage the previous night.  It was so so good.

Then, for desert, I popped into a sweet cafe and ordered to a honking huge cupcake – coconut with tres leches caramel filling (too bad it wasn’t actual tres leches but still, OMW).  And Lauren, a performer on the “smaller” of the cruise ships docked, kept me company.  She graduated with a neuroscience degree from Columbia in May and was thinking next steps as her summer was winding down.  I smiled to myself as the supposed older and wiser in the conversation.

The food was amazing.  Amazing, amazing.  But the conversation just as good.  It was a real treat to have those on the road conversations with strangers.  I had them so often last year and I’ve missed them.

When I couldn’t eat another bite, I bid downtown adieu and drove toward the end of the road (literally – Juneau isn’t on the road system, you either have to take a boat or fly in) to a small Catholic shrine on the water’s edge and smiled into the sun.  I walked the stations of the cross, trying not to bump into the Spanish tourists (disculpa me, I said under my breadth).  Then I drove slowly back, stopping at docks to take pictures and smile more into the sun.  And last, I made a quick walk down to the Mendenhall Glacier, the fifth largest ice field in the North America.

Strangely, as splendid of a day it was, I couldn’t help but feel as though I were in Maine.  And that a big breakfast at 2 Cats was waiting for me.


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