Moving to the woods.

The new job started. And the night before my first day, I drove the hour from Anchorage to Palmer. Being sure to stop at the bulk warehouse for provisions.

The cabin in the woods is perfect.  It’s secluded and beautiful.  There are two goats and one old sheep dog.  And actually four cabins.  The main cabin, the writer’s cabin, the gear cabin, and the loner cabin that is high above.  Oh, and the outhouse.

And there are friends staying here too.  BH is cabin sitting until October and dating a friend of mine who lives in Anchorage.  I first met BH months ago when he moved up here to do environmental work.  BH is awesome.

Then there is RP who arrived at the cabins the week before me.  He previously had been studying kung fu in Minneapolis and baking artisan bread in Vermont before that.  And I can vouch for the bread.  It’s amazing.

I am here until I find something more permanent.  Not a bad transition.


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