Christmas cheer in Frankfurt.

This last layover was in Frankfurt am Main, the same city I stayed in on my very first trip to South Africa.  Life has a very strange way of coming full circle sometimes.

It was an early morning arrival, I was out of the airport by 6:30am and in the city by 7am.  It didn’t feel like morning though as the entire city was still dark, the sun not rising until 8:30am.  This made the city streets especially cold and stark.  Still, the city was dressed for Christmas and that brightened my spirits.

I stopped at a Turkish cafe for some tea and before I knew it, the Christmas market was in full swing.  It turns out that Frankfurt has a HUGE Christmas market (my pictures do NOT do it justice, better pictures here).  There were brightly lit carousels full of kids and vendors selling all sorts of Christmas treats, some of which I recognized and some of which were completely new.

All good things must come to an end though and I had to leave the Christmas cheer while it was still early.  The airport info guy told me to be back at 12noon for my flight that was boarding at 12:45pm.  I was back a little after noon and made it to my gate by 12:30pm.  Nice.  Eight more hours and I would be home!


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