Couchsurfing + markets.

My return to Cape Town was accompanied by my first use of Couchsurfing, a service that I’d heard a great deal from traveling in South America earlier this year as well as from friends.

My gracious hosts were Alex and Talia, a sweet couple in Observatory.  We went to several area markets and then had a siesta-style rest at midday.  Their home was all the things that make me excited to return to Anchorage.

Neighborgoods Market has it’s sister in Joburg.  I was overwhelmed by how white the whole market was and expensive too (the two, not surprisingly, often got together).  Still, I did manage to get a homemade peanut butter ice cream.  Yum.

The other market was more of a smorgasbord and was held in town, in the Company Gardens.  There was vintage clothing, clothing made-in-china, a slew of tourist chotchkes, and biltong (dried meat) of course.  Then there were stalls of the as-seen-on-tv stuff with the vendors going full blasts and competing for audience as they chopped onions, whipped milk, and fit a closet of clothes onto one hanger.

All with the beautiful Table Mountain as a backdrop.

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