Country at heart.

I left Malealea early on Monday, leaving my friend behind with his own plans to sleep in and then continue on to Swaziland.  It’s bittersweet to spend such a short amount of time in such a grand landscape and I had a certain reluctance on getting into the taxi at 6:30am.  Especially as they proceeded to fill the 17-person van with 24-people.

As I walked to the border, I saw a familiar face.  In fact, the only white face of the morning.  It was Briana, an American who had been studying in Botswana and came down to Lesotho on holiday.  We had met at the Lodge briefly and now found that we were both headed to Joburg.

And let me take a moment to admire American women (and women in general) who travel solo all over the world.  It’s pretty friggin’ cool.  Briana just turned 20 years old a few months ago and Lesotho was her fifth African country in six months.  More power to you.

So Bri pulls out her Blackberry (super popular here) and we listen to country music all the way back to Joburg.  I felt super high class and a little country at heart.



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