It’s cricket.

The easiest way to describe where I live in Joburg is to say next to Wanderers.  This, more than my neighborhood or shops or roads, is the magic identifier.  Wanderers is a beautiful, spacious, and slightly posh cricket stadium (and country club) right down the road from me.  WIth a maximum capacity of 34,000, it’s just a tad smaller than Fenway.

The club is super familiar to me, I’ve run time trials, races, and Sunday shuffles with their runners.  But this would mark my first time at the stadium, in fact it was my first live cricket match ever!

And the first thing Farnoosh and I saw was a dead rat in the road.  Eeek.

Conveniently, the road to the stadium was closed for the match making it super easy to get there.  Even more conveniently, the stadium is easy walking distance from my flat making meeting up for drinks beforehand inevitable.

There were about ten of us total, mostly law clerks and some significant others too. And it wasn’t just my first time, a surprising number of South Africans had never seen a match cricket live either.

The kids in the know (the boys mostly) were very generous in fielding our myriad questions and the game went a lot faster than expected.  Especially for a three hour match.

I expected a mostly white crowd, much like the rugby match at Ellis Park.  After all it’s cricket.  But then again, it’s cricket.  So even more than white faces, there were a lot of brown and Indian faces.  

As usual, my friends and I won for being the most diverse bunch.


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