Saying happy birthday and good-bye all in one breath.

We had five clerk birthdays at the Court in September, and another five in October. And since there’s only thirty of us, that is a healthy chunk.  The last two months have been a rush of parties and sugar.  I’m still trying to catch up!

My own office birthday party was a huge a surprise since it came three weeks after my actual birthday. In a strange coincidence, I got a birthday card in the mail from the states the morning before the party. I like these kind of surprises. It is a way to slow down and really appreciate what the celebrations are about.

Tim’s birthday was extra special. And extra bittersweet. That’s because Tim got word from home yesterday that his grandfather had fallen ill. He quickly called the airline to book a ticket home. His ticket is for tonight and it is one way.

Uday and Toni, his co-clerks, ran out to buy treats and sweets to give him a proper send off. It is recess at the Court so the pressure is low and we could really enjoy the sunshine and let loose.

So it was fun but difficult. I am still processing that Tim will be on a plane in two hours headed home to family. Tim and I are in this very small cohort of people in the (first) world that can literally pack up all their belongings in an hour and head to the airport without looking back.

Reminds me of the verses in Ecclesiastes on how there is a time for everything. This is Tim’s time to head home, now is the time for me to stay here.


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