Halloween goes to work.

Happy Halloween!  Here is to hoping you have power.

My hometown (and pretty much the entire U.S. northeast) is now picking up the pieces of Hurricane Sandy’s crazy devastation.  I’ve been feeling a million miles away and have compensated by watching more than my fair share of CNN.  Sandy has been on none stop for the past three days, but it is only the same thirty-seconds of footage over and over again.  But such is the expat’s life.

Though if I were in the states, I’d most likely be in Alaska and not Bedford or Boston.  Strange how history repeats itself.  Last year, I was in Anchorage when a huge Halloween blizzard shut down the East coast.  I felt completely left out, Anchorage didn’t even have an inch!  Okay, Anchorage did end up getting some serious snow on Halloween… but it took some time to develop.  Poor kids can’t get a break.  Halloween busted two years in a row!

Meanwhile, here in SA, I have been surprisingly charmed by how enthusiastic my South African friends have been championing Halloween.  Dressing up is certainly standard in the US but it’s not a local holiday by any means. And for slightly obvious reasons. Going door to door dressed up as something scary doesn’t sit well in a well-to-do community where having electric fencing and your own personal guard is the norm.

So ironically enough, at the Halloween party over the weekend I was the only one NOT dressed up. Well, me and the only other American at the party (Adam from Maryland).

BUT, I learned my lesson for today and totally came prepared to this office birthday party (homemade troll mask in hand).  Happy birthday Chwayita!


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