To the bush.

The Kruger is an experience and a half. South Africa’s first national park and largest, it’s roughly the size of New Jersey.

Since Court was in recess for the whole of October, I was keen to plan a visit to KNP. Especially as I missed out during my last visit to South Africa when I was studying at University of Cape Town. But where to start?

As fate would have it, I started by asking friends in another chamber and it turns out they were thinking the exact same thing. Even had a place to stay in mind.  So from that one little conversation, things moved quickly. Emails were sent out and they multiplied exponentially. Two-hundred and fifty-nine emails later and logistics were all set up. Food was bought, cars fueled, and a booking made at a self-catering lodge in Marloth Park, a private game reserve.

Two weeks after that conversation, a total of thirteen of us headed out to the Kruger, three cars before noon and one car after noon.

Thankfully, I was in an before noon car. There was an accident on the highway that stopped up traffic and turned the after noon’s six hour drive into an eleven hour drive. Of course, they had a great time dancing in traffic but still, eleven hours of traffic? Been there, done that!


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