The plane to London.

So I was queuing up for my first flight, Johannesburg to Heathrow, when I heard my name called from further on in line.

Amazingly, my friend Charlotte was booked on the same flight!  Charlotte is one of the amazing people I have met in my time at the Court.  Originally from the UK, she runs an organization called SACRED that works to create space for women within the  Jewish community in South Africa.  It has been super interesting getting to know more about the South African Jewish community.

We quickly seized the opportunity, changing seats so we could sit next to each other.  Charlotte introduced me to English gossip magazines and gave me ideas for my day in London on my return.

Charlotte’s final destination was Heathrow, so we said good-bye quickly and she made her way to the exit as I went to look for my connecting flight.  I made some oatmeal in Heathrow’s BEAUTIFUL international terminal and window shopped some of the most luxurious brands in the world.

Three flights and some twenty-two hours later, I touched down in my destination city of Omaha, Nebraska.  It was raining cats and dogs but the hotel shuttle was there in no time.

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