Joburg Jazz Fest.

I’ve been told Jozi really only has two seasons, winter and summer. And winter is definitely over. I am not super in tune with the weather with my desk job (except when it is crazy hot) but I have noticed the proliferation of people and events taking place outdoors. First, when I run in the morning, I am no longer the only runner on the street. People are everywhere. Then there is something like the Joburg Jazz festival–a day of really good music, beautiful sunshine, and yummy picnic foods.

The whole thing came together so easily. A quick trip to Woolworths for some ready made food. (I think of Woolies as a super upscale Trader Joe’s–they cater to the same city demographic but Woolies is super sophisticated while TJs doesn’t take themselves nearly as seriously.) Add a blanket and we were ready to go.

My favorite part was probably dancing to the really amazing vocalists that came out to perform. A close second was lying back in the sun and reading the paper.


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