A small trip to Omaha, New York, and London.


The Court, after a rare day of rain.

There have been so many moments recently where I’ll be going along my pattern of life and the reality of the moment hit me.

That there are little yellow birds weaving a nest outside my office on the same branch that the last one fell off of, that Obama’s picture is in the conference room, that I work with people whose idea of a good time is seeing hot shot senior counsel argue in Court, that it’s seventy degrees and blue sky EVERY DAY.

That I went for a run the other day with some serious runners who called our pace the Comrades’ shuffle.  That my body is in good working order and I can break a sweat everyday and get a high off simply that.

And yet as much as I enjoy these moments, the time still flies by.

This upcoming trip for example, marks the midway point for my time in South Africa.

In fact, it’ll be 90 days exactly next week.  I know this because my passport tells me so.  When I return, I’ll get another 90 day stamp which will surpass my departure date by just two days.

I leave in less than one hour for the airport.  Four flights and something like twenty-four hours later and I will be in Omaha to see a dear dear friend be married.  Then I will return to NY and see family, spend a day to London, and then try mighty hard to get my body back on South African Standard Time and dive back into things at work.

It’s seemingly a big trip but really a not so big one.  I am going to friends and family and I will return to friends and family.  So in that sense, a small trip really.


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