An American’s departure.

I can’t believe it but it’s nearly three months I’ve been in South Africa.  I arrived in mid-June and it’s nearly mid-September.  With the start of the northern fall, my student friends are returning to school.  Sara, who I met running my first 10k, was one of those and was in Johannesburg doing an internship with city government in furtherance of her PhD/MSW at UCLA (her blog is here!).

We made plans to have tea on her last day but a surprise going away party brought me into her massive office (which was reminiscent of Boston’s Government Center with heavy cement buildings and open paved space).   Her colleagues went around and each made spontaneous statements of appreciation and gratitude.  While I was worried it would take hours and hours, it was actually super sweet and I was glad to be there.

Sara and I had quickly bonded over our shared travels and all that entails.  I am sorry to see her go but am optimistic that I may yet see her in the nearish future.

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One thought on “An American’s departure.

  1. We are soooo excited for you …we will see. and Brooklyn is on the table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gang loved the news and we prayed and will cont. for your safety and wisdom too! LU mOm

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