Birthdays in suits.

I’m still struggling to learn accents but the two Afrikaans speakers at Court are helping me learn how to distinguish the English South Africans from the Afrikaaner South Africans.  It’s absolute taboo that I confuse the two.

South Africa has ELEVEN official languages though I have been hard pressed to meet Sepedi or Sesotho speakers.  The main groups around me in Joburg seem to be English and isiZulu.

But coming from different backgrounds hasn’t stopped two of my colleagues at court to be best of friends.  Different as different can be, YVN and NM get along like sisters.

And as such, NM threw a hectic surprise party to celebrate YVN’s bday—the first bday of the term.  And she has set the bar high for the rest of us.  There was food, savory and sweet, and drinks, bubbly and still, gallore.

It was a great night to loosen our ties and tell boisterous tales on the roof.

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