And it snowed!!

The cold smacked me in the face first thing when I stuck my head out my door this morning. Usually I laugh when the Africans complain it’s cold, because it hasn’t been.  Generally Joburg winter temps have been keeping even with Anchorage summer temps, really.  But finally, this morning, it actually felt like winter.

I could have sworn I saw a snow flake or two on the way to work but I kept my mouth shut.  Who’s ever heard of snow in Joburg.  Craziness.  But the craziness was just getting started.

Coincidentally, today was the first hearing of session, so we were all dressed in black suits and long wizarding robes.  The snow got quite heavy midway through the hearing, and you could hear kids laughter as they ran past the court’s windows with snow stuck to their hair.

Even more fun was watching my colleagues run around after the hearing let out and play in the slight layer of snow that had turned our green garden white.  One even dropped down and made a snow angel, in her suit.  Crazy Africans!!

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One thought on “And it snowed!!

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