My first 10k.

This past weekend I met my first Americans in Joburg.

First, while in line buying vegetables, I noticed the guy behind me lacked the lilting South African accent. There’s something flat to my ears about how Americans talk and I picked it up right away. American? I asked and that’s all we needed to start the conversation. Turns out he works at the Consulate and was at the Con Court just that morning.  And I learned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is visiting SA next month.  But more on that later (I hope).

Then, at the Wits race on Sunday, I said hi to a girl wearing a UCLA shirt and found another American. Sara is only here for the “summer” though, she’s here doing research for her PhD (her blog is here).  We figured out her office is almost just across the street from mine and so we will definitely have coffee soon.

Sara, brave soul, did the 21k on her own.  Impressive.  I was there to do the 10k (my first) with a friend from church and am so glad she agreed to run! Turns out everytime I convince someone to run along with me, they complain about how out of shape they are and then totally end up towing me up the hills.

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