Zurich in June.

Zurich in June is splendid.  What a treat to visit.

I had a twelve hour layover, arriving at 10am and leaving at 10pm.  Perfect.  Twelve hours was more than enough time to make it into the city, lunch on street food (Chinese!), take a boat ride, nap in the park by the river, eat ice cream, tour old churches, and shop at H&M one last time.

My day was quite tame, that is until I headed up to a pedestrian bridge where craziness was happening.  On one side, two slacklines were set up across the River.  On the other, kids were jumping into the water below.  Rather, they were mostly backflipping.  And then, waterproof bags in tow, the current would quickly carry them downstream where the real party was happening.  People were picnicking like mad all over the place.  And an open bar was blaring mellow reggae.  I managed one beer and a quick conversation with locals before I had to head back to the airport.

My timing couldn’t have been better.  As I was stepping into the train station, lightning broke out and a hurricane-like storm hit the city.  You know those big, European-style open train stations?  Turns out they offer NO protection from storms such as this.  People were getting soaked left and right.  Fortunately, my train was on a downstairs track and me being me, I managed to get one last ice cream cone before heading out.

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One picture I didn’t manage to get was of the Starbucks’ menu at the Zurich Airport’s train station.  Switzerland’s francs are comparable to the US dollar which was helpful but also scary.  Nothing on the menu was less than seven francs.  I knew Zurich was going to be expensive but that hit me as ridiculous.


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