A J.Crew sample sale and the best bank for international travel.

I had a week at home and list a mile long of things to do.  I didn’t quite get everything done but I did get to see family and eat a ton of really yummy food.  Oh and morning yoga in the sun.  These were my priorities.  BK with my dad, Italian with my Grandma, New Haven’s best pizza with BB, a BBQ with lifelong friends for father’s day, and dinner on the beach in Rye.  YUM!!

One of the top things on my to do list was finding a new bank.  If you’ve traveled, you know ATMs are a life line and a good bank makes all the difference.  In India, there were no problems–no extra fees and a great exchange rate.  But my bank was bought by Wells Fargo and I was STUNNED with the $5 fee to use an ATM outside of the US.  Not to mention monthly fee on top of the service fees.

Fortunately, a little internet research can make all the difference.  I learned that Charles Schwab, an investment brokerage something or other, offers bank services that are particularly attractive if you travel.  There are NO international ATM fees and the bank PAYS for any fees the foreign bank charges.  Then I found an article that said South Africa had some of the most expensive bank fees in the world.  That’s it, I was sold.  Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do in a week and the accounts are set up but I am still waiting for my card.

Another thing on my list was shopping for my clerkship.  My judge prefers his clerks to dress “rather formally.”  I don’t know what exactly what that means but I knew my school wardrobe was lacking.  This meant shopping with dad, shopping with RC, and shopping with mom.  Thank-you all–it was lots of shopping.  Ironically, the bulk of my wardrobe I picked up all on my own at a J. Crew sample sale I stumbled upon on my way to DL’s new office in the Flatiron district.  Score!!

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Before I knew it, I was packing (and weighing) my bags for another transatlantic flight.  I’ve a day layover in Zurich before heading to Johannesburg.

I was SO SO happy to be home with family and friends.  As much as I am looking forward to six months in South Africa, it will be GREAT to be home for Christmas.


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