Streets of art in Bogotá.

With only one day in Bogota, I knew exactly what I wanted to do–a Bogota Graffiti Tour.  Organized by some anglophones and inspired by the exploding street art community, free tours are given 3-4 times a week.  The crew had been on holiday when I was in Bogota previously and just my luck, my one day in the city was a tour day.  My luck didn’t last though as the organizer emailed hours before the tour was to begin and cancelled due to ill health.  Boo!

Well, what else to do but continue on my own?  The art was spectacular and easy to find as the neighborhood I was staying in, Candelaria, was covered with paintings.  Some took up an entire block, others were tiny, and many had overt political themes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My day was ideal.  I took pictures of the street art, ate my last South American ice cream cone, somewhat panicked when my ATM card wouldn’t work at any of the ATMs (fifth one was the charm), shopped for suit tops at my favorite import shop (five dollars each, score!), got snacks for the flight back to the states, and drank my last Colombian coffee.

I couldn’t help but be excited to return to the States–my return would begin my next adventure.  Still, I’ve totally fallen in love with this place.  The food, the people, the constant noise, and the welcoming smiles.  I love it all and will miss it dearly!!

I remember when my parents first insisted on my taking Spanish in middle school way back when.  I had NO interest in Latin culture I told them, and was angry about it for years.  Parents: you were right and THANK-YOU for opening this door for me before I even knew where I was meant to be!!


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