Montañita at dawn.

My days at Montañita have flown by.  Then again, there were only three days to be here.  Just enough for me, in this seemingly Dave & Buster’s version of an Ecuadorian beach.  I spent a lot of time at the beach, some time pool side at my hostel, and a bit of time wandering in circles looking for the ice cream truck.

The beach turned out to be not as tranquillo as I hoped.  As if a bull’s eye were on my back, I was approached every five minutes by well wishing Ecuadorian men who maybe were charged with my interrogation by some super secret gringo police.  A bit of a culture shock from sleepy Vilcabamba.

What was my name, where was I from, was I single or married?  Without fail, these three questions would be first, followed by an invitation to dance or to music or to drink no matter my answers.  Oh and there would be compliments too.  My name, my eyes, my hair.  All very beautiful.

And then, add to this constant hospitality, the strong Ecuadorian sun which turns the beach into a deep fat fryer midday.

The one time that waking up at dawn is in my favor!  Six in the morning is the new beach time.  And the surfers think so too.  The beach is deserted but for me and the surfers bobbing in the distance on their boards, waiting for the right one.  At first I thought the three foot waves were big, then the six footers, then the omw, that’s taller than you!  These kids are good!  Turns out, three days weren’t enough for me to rush into surfing; I am going to have to spend some more time at a beach town soon.

I was fortunate enough to make a gringo friend while I was here.  I say fortunately because it seems like the gringos travel in packs and while the guys are friendly enough, I’m a ghost to most the girls who simply see through me.  Abby is from Oregon and winding up her eight month sojourn into Ecuador with some beach time, same as me.

We are headed out to Puerto Lopez today, a quieter town an hour north of Montanita.  Less than a week until I’m home!

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2 thoughts on “Montañita at dawn.

    • Thanks Michelle! What you see here a a mix of my phone’s camera (all of the square ones for example) and my DSLR. Travelling with both has worked out well as the phone is a lot less inconspicuous but the DSLR is super great for landscape/action. Though, I amazed at how much my little phone can do!

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