A hot fudge sunday send off.

So picture me, all packed up and super excited to make my last rounds around the plaza that has been home for my last six weeks.  And then realizing that all my favorite bits of the town were closed.  No burrito at Charlitos, no helado natural at the Belguim place, and no last minute handmade soap from the Juice Factory.  Boohoo!

Fortunately, I could still get some frozen yogurt (mixto) and a $2 almuerzo at La Esquina (it’s a restaurant on the corner, called “the corner”).  In that order.

As I settled in for lunch all by my lonesome self, a parade of familiar faces stopped by as if to bid me farewell.  First, Giovanni, the Italian who speaks to me in a smattering of Spanish and German.  I suspect he can speak English too, he throws some in now and then, but our conversations are strictly in Spanish (except when he goes off in German).

Next, Thomas and Damien, the French guys from Sacred Suenos, down from the mountain on their day off.  We said more good-byes as they waited for the sun to set so they could climb back up to the farm under the full moon.  Good plan and it made me almost jealous, almost.

Lastly, I saw Kitzia, a gardening goddess who specializes in edible garden design who gave me best wishes and a sweet hug.

Seeing all these friends was like a hot fudge sunday send off.

Vilcabamba, I will miss you!!

View from Hostel Izcayluma, overlooking Vilcabamba.


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