Sacred Sueños: The source.

Midway through the second week, the water tank flow slowed to a trickle and Yves took us up to clear out the path for “the source.”  Necessary supplies included rubber boots, buckets, and an old sock sans holes.

The language Yves used was reminiscent of Lost but really what our work amounted to was performing twister like poses above a small pool of water and scooping out clay silt up to our elbows.

The clay was slick and smooth, almost like chocolate pudding.  Yves mentioned face masks; Kimmie and I jumped at the chance to get even closer to the earth and cover ourselves in it.

Then the guys wanted in.  Zack (on the right) looked a bit like Zorro with the clay over the top half of his face.  Thomas (in the middle) looked particularly stunning in his ensemble of face mask, lady’s union bay short shorts, fanny pack, and yellow rubber boots.  Oh, the French.

The clay tickled my face as it dried but truly reinvigorated and smoothed my skin.  Not to be left behind, I’ve some (dried) clay in my bag to do more face masks at home.  I hope customs doesn’t mind.

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