Returning to town.

Saturday morning I woke up especially early.  Something like 4:30am.  I laid in bed until the sun rose, thinking and reflecting about my time at Sacred Suenos.  I have learned so so much farming here and see the land around me so differently–and I see my place on the land differently too. I’ll write more about Sacred Suenos soon, but first let me share some of what happened Saturday night when we all got back to Vilcabamba.

I left first, soon after breakfast and went prayerfully down the mountain in my rubber boots.  My walk down flew by and when I got to the river, I decided to continue and walked all the way into town (another hour) with all of my stuff on my back.

Walking into town, my feet were sore but spirit was high.  I promptly got a frozen yogurt (naranjilla y vanilla, mixto) and found my friend Kimmie who had come down on Friday.  We dined on burritos for lunch and I caught Kimmie up on all that she had missed in the twenty-four hours she had been gone.

By the time the sunset at six, we were all around a small table at Charlitos for pizza and beers.  Birthday boy Zack, Amy, Amanada, Yve, Kimmie and me.  With the locals glued to the Ecuador-Argentina game, we had the place to ourselves and noisily downed three veggie pizzas, yum!From pizza and beer, we went straight on to cake–tres leches, a specialty of a neighboring cafe.  Man, oh man.  It was my first experience with tres leches and will not be my last.  It was heavenly.

Amanda, breathing in the tres leches magic.

Real treasure!

Kimmie is overwhelmed with the tres leches goodness.

Now that it’s Sunday morning, my friends are headed back up the mountain with another week’s supplies while I relax at a super nice hostel on the outskirts of Vilcabamba.  Two more days of this before I head to the beach and then back to Quito for the long road home.


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