First time to Sacred Sueños.

My first trek up the mountain to Sacred Sueños was a trip and a half.  Sacred Sueños is a young farm two hours hike up the valley from the edge of Vilcabamba.  Yves is the main guy, everyone else is a volunteer.  Some are short-term and stay only a week or two, others stay months.  We were several that day, maybe ten people, and a puppy.

Our hike up to the farm was a slow one.  We brought with us two horses and one had baggage issues and so we stopped many times to reload the horse.  Well, mostly Yves reconfigured everything over and over again.

Fortunately, the weather was ideal.  We arrived to Yves’ house right before lunch and headed out to the farm, another 30-40 minute walk.  Yves went ahead with the loaded horses and others so Jerome, a volunteer from FL, led the way.  Too bad this was only Jerome’s second week and it took some time for him to realize the trail we were on was taking us to the wrong side of the mountain.  We hiked back down and then took one more turn before giving up completely and heading back to Yves’ house to start fresh.  Though we were hungry, thirsty, and tired, the day was beautiful and it was not an all too bad day to be lost.

We returned to Yves’ cabin about an hour and a half later.  Amanda was there and quickly whipped up some chai tea with fresh goat’s milk while Jerome made amends with young mango, peanut butter and honey, and avocado.  Yum.

Amanda and I talked yoga, meditation, community and puppies (there’s a total of four that she’s in charge of) before I headed back down the mountain solo.  The bulky boots were not fun but after the hours and hours to get up the mountain, the trip down was something like flying.

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