Getting stuck.

Tuesday morning and I was completely packed. The bus would be leaving at 11pm and I checked out of my hostel, made it to my Spanish class and then three things happened.

First, I realized I couldn’t find my itsy bitsy wallet that help my plastics–a MC and ATM card. I had it leaving the hostel and had taken a packed bus to Spanish class.  The first sign of trouble.

Next was the realization that I would not in fact be getting on the bus at 11pm and going to la frontera to meet Colombian refugees as planned.  Sometimes these things just don’t work out and this was definitely one of those times.

Lastly, I realized the wallet was really really gone.  Crap.  I grudgingly processed my options and reluctantly headed back to the hostel to get my old bed back.

Fortunately, plastic is easily replaced.  One hour of skyping later and the new MC is on its way to NY and the new ATM card is on its way to Quito.  For the record, CapitalOne was not at all excited about sending a card to Ecuador and simply refused.  Minus five points CapitalOne.  Plus five points for Jess:  I have enough cash for two weeks and an Amex stashed away too.

Also fortunate for me, I am not stuck in Quito alone. I have company in the form of Aja, a Swiss traveller who is awaiting a Colombian visa before she can return to her new job at an NGO in Cali.  We both have about a week to wait and share a similar ambivalence about this beautiful albeit cold, rainy, loud, smelly city we are stuck in.

Thus, Wednesday’s big accomplishments were fairly modest:  another run in Parque Itchimbía, laundry, finding an amazing frutería (fresh fruit place), and visiting the neogothic Basílica del Voto Nacional (Basilica of the National Vow).  The Basilica was beautiful–pictures below–but the fruit place, with all the locals crowding around tables and the piles of fresh fruit, was incredible.

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