What I’m eating.

Yummy street food!!

I’m a pretty basic eater–I shopped for food my first day here:  oatmeal, noodles, eggs, bread–the basics.  But in the between times I support the food carts on the street.  And there is so much to try!

Generally, my rules of eating street food are: #1. Go to a clean looking cart and, #2. Eat what is cooked and hot.  Along those lines, I’ve been eating a lot of churros (fried dough sprinkled with sugar) and meat on a stick (with a potato!).

Oh, and frozen yogurt!  I blame McDonalds or rather thank McDonalds.  McDs is popular here, their ice cream particularly so and so there are cheaper, local versions set up every couple blocks.  Super easy to spot too, with yellow balloons.  A small cone is $1,500 COP = $0.85 USD.  Definitely within my budget.

But wait, meat!

A lot of you may know that I am generally a vegetarian in the States (most recently an “Alaskan” vegetarian).  Well, my diet relaxes considerably when I travel internationally.  While I loved India for all the veggie friendly fare, that is not the case here in Colombia and I don’t expect it to be the case in Ecuador either.  I picked up some (super expensive) vitamins for exactly that reason.  Calcium fruit gummies, I miss you!


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