El Museo de Oro.

El Museo de Oro, the Gold Museum, is known internationally for its collection of pre-Colombian gold work.  The collection is the largest in the world and does not disappoint.  After all, it’s almost genetic that we would be fascinated with this stuff.  And the museum was definitely fascinating, especially the amount of detail in the gold offerings.  Wow.

So there is a lot of gold on display.  A lot.  And, in theory, this could get old fast.  But that is the second best part of the Museo.  Renovated in 2008, the museum does an extraordinary job of presenting all that gold.  It’s much more than the traditional walk through and stare museum experience.  The exhibits are interactive and diverse, designed both for kids and adults.  And while there wasn’t a ton of English, there was enough to understand what was going on.

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Natural and supernatural principles are balanced, in indigenous thought.  There are men and there are also women, light follows darkness, rain comes after drought, wild has its opposite in domesticated, and the world above is matched by the one below.  When the balance is broken, chaos ensues; uncontrollable forces take over the universe and threaten disorder and terror.  Wise men then intervene, to bring order back into the world. Through sacred offerings, they restore the balance and ensure that life will follow its normal course once more.

Excerpt from “Offerings to the Gods”


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