El Campo.

DD left last week, leaving me to putter around and relax.

The puttering has been mostly to sit still.

The prospect of traveling for the next two months and then six months makes me appreciate the solitude and privacy I have in Santiago, staying at a friend’s.

There were also logistics to work out.  My South African visa plans, my tickets to Bogota, and confirming my loans made it into deferment (they did, awesome sauce!).

FC, my host, has been working in the DR for seven months and I arrived the week before his return to Boston.  So interesting to arrive and watch him pack up here.  A reminder that I will be in this position before I know it in Johannesburg.

We went to Jarabacoa on Wednesday, FC needed to say good-bye to friends and I wanted some fresh country air.  We ate surprisingly good croissants at an ex-pat cafe and had lunch at this fantastic vegetarian place run by Seventh-Day Adventists.  Nothing hits the spot like some wheat gluten stir fry, yum.

The pictures of some waterfalls outside of town, click on one to get a bigger image.  It was beautiful and lush, and reminded me of trekking in Nepal.

We hired a moto for the twenty minute ride there; I was sandwiched between the driver and FC.  The falls were grand but I might just prefer the motorcycle ride.  It’s been too long since I’ve been on a bike.


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