Visa drama.

There must be something addictive in stress hormones, some reason why my body is clinging to every single slight drama that comes to my way.  It’s like now that I have taken the bar and actually can relax, I miss the stress.  Like my body is in withdrawal.

Last night it was my South African visa keeping me awake until 2am.

I waited to buy my NY-Jo’burg ticket until the price dropped to something I considered reasonable (from $1700 to $1300).  This was a week or two before I left for the DR.  I knew I needed a return ticket before starting the visa process (or I thought I knew).  So I waited to look into the visa process until after I left the States.

Big mistake.

The visa requirements for South Africa include a chest x-ray (AKA TB test), medical exam, fingerprinting and an FBI criminal check.  Woah.

Not only that, but I would have to post my passport to the South African consulate in New York while I stayed, passport-less in Ecuador.  Woah.

So, after consulting some South Africans and Americans in Jo’burg, I have decided to eschew the visa process all together and enter on a 90-day visitor’s pass and either renew or do a “visa run” and leave the country.

This is not an easy solution as much as it’s easy for me in the moment but trying to work this out in the next two months from South America is a non option.  I realized that this morning and have been trying to breath deeply and let the stress out of my body since.

The stress though, doesn’t want to leave.


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