Cabarete, beach town.

Flying into Santiago was a peach.  My flight arrived at 1AM and wouldn’t you know it, DD and his friends were waiting for me outside.  With dixie cups of beer.

DD and I quickly hatched out a plan to head to the beach the next day.  We packed small bags for two nights and made our way to the bus station.

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We arrived to a spectacularly sunny day and immediately hit the beach.  We weren’t alone.  I counted over 75 kite surfers along the shore.  It was incredible.  There were huge waves and DD tried to get in on some but the kite surfers clearly communicated to him that this was their turf.  Fair enough.  We were happy to watch.

We walked the length of the beach to a point where a huge rock jutted out into the ocean.  DD settled down to play at some capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that mixes in dance and music.  I goofed off doing cartwheels and hand stands.  We were kept company by two dogs, one real sweet and the other was a yapper.

As the sun set, a huge rain cloud appeared on the horizon along with a rainbow.  It was remarkable and marked the arrival of rain which would continue off and on for the next twenty-four hours.

The rain just barely cleared the next afternoon and that meant an empty beach.  DD and I could finally hit some waves and body surf.  I was a little intimidated at first, especially when one of the waves flipped me over like I was a rag doll in a washing machine.  Slowly I learned that body surfing means to stay on top of the wave and not simply getting rolled into the wave.  Phew.

The next morning the sun finally arrived back on the beach and DD and I were able to spend our last morning on the beach learning to windsurf.  This was my first time on a surfboard and it was effortless.  At least the balancing part wasn’t so tricky, my shins are completely bruised and my arms worn out from all the hauling up onto the board but it was totally worth it.  And something I can’t wait to return to.


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