Running around with family.

This month my family all returned to my parents house to spend some time together, what a full house we made!  My nephews are so delicious, I could eat them.  It was so much fun to chase and throw them around.

On the first of many beautiful days New York had to offer, we headed over to Muscoot farm, a local working farm with dairy cows and goats and chickens and the like.  E was amazingly calm around the cows which outsized him by hundreds of pounds.  In fact, E ran right up to one baby cow and gave it a hug.  Then, he kissed the mama cow right on the nose.  What a kid!

T, the baby of the family, is all smiles and super communicative even without words.  Mimi will go on and on about this.  One time, she tells it, T was playing on her lap and he somehow managed to tell her that he wanted her to read a book to him and which book.  Truth is, he couldn’t have found a more willing reader.

For a family who spends so much time apart, I thought the days together went remarkably well.  My favorite part, besides the fact that it was sunny and in the seventies in March, was making pizza all together on Friday night.  M’s and mine came out first and even without cheese, it was so so so yummy.

Still, there were a few kinks.  For example, sleeping in T’s room and I realized that waking up to a crying baby at 2am is not in my skill set anymore!!  Also, hanging around kids means watching your language, or so my nephew had to remind me.  Heartbreakingly sweet he was.

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