Last week of bar prep, keep drinking!!

There is a scene in Harry and the Half Blood Prince, part of Harry’s quest to destroy all of pieces of Voldemorte.  Dumbledore makes Harry promise that Harry will support Dumbledore as Dumbledore chugs the icky poison stuff protecting a bit of Volde.  Harry nimbly consents and then watches as Dumbledore suffers, thirsts, and see visions that haunt him.  Harry doesn’t relent though and Dumbledore succeeds in drinking it all.

With a week to go studying for the bar, I am there.  I am Dumbledore and I really want to stop drinking.

Just a little bit more!!

Before this all began, a friend of mine told me she had over-studied for the bar and recommended that I not do the same.  I brushed the idea off.  I did not appreciate the magnitude of the expectations that would be put on my plate then.  I do now.  Six to eight hours a day, seven days a week, for over six weeks.  It’s bordering on embarrassing the amount of time I put into this, to say least of if I don’t pass the thing.

But I feel ready and I am ready.  I am ready for it to be here and I am ready for it to be over.  I have posters outlining every subject.  Waist high stacks of flash cards.  Pages of multiple choice quizzes.  And I have written more essays than I can count.

My flight to Anchorage is Friday.  The Alaska Bar exam is three days long, beginning on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  I know at least two of the applicants I am sitting with and I also know we’ll be heading for the Pio afterward for drinks and revelries.

So good thoughts this week.  My “Harry Potters”– my strategies to stay focused and energized, are varied.  There’s my dependency on my parent’s sodastream for caffeinated carbonated beverages; yoga breathing like kapalabhati pranayama; midday runs in the sun, listening to either  lectures or ballads from Glee; visualization exercises; several Harry Potter books; and positive mantras.

Says Oprah:  Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.


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