This time for South Africa.

The Constitutional Court of South Africa in Johannesburg.

This past month has been a lesson in unpredictability and power.  Getting to Alaska, I thought I had my life all figured out.  I would intern, study, take the bar, travel and then return to clerk.  And I think it is finally sinking in that this most recent development is gonna change all that.

My last week in Alaska I received an email inviting me to clerk for the Constitutional Court of South Africa, the country’s highest court.  This was a bit of a surprise–I applied back in April while living in India and only after the repeated encouragement of my South African roommie, Margaret.  I applied and never heard from them again until last week.

And they wanted me!!  Little old me. I was speechless.  Dumbfounded.  Then panicked–could I really spend six months in South Africa before making the move to Alaska?!

I quickly met with my judge, the Alaskan judge who I would be clerking with the next year, to explained the situation.  The judge was not perturbed, he told me I would be nuts to pass this opportunity up (his exact words) and he went about getting someone to stick around to clerk for him so I could start late in January rather than August.  It took all of three days to find someone.

So just like that, the next year of my life is rematerializing as something very different than what I expected.

Then again, it’s not all too different.  I’ll still be studying for and taking the Alaska bar, I’ll still be traveling and returning to Alaska to clerk.

God opened a door, unexpected but not unwelcome.  I am extraordinarily humbled and thrilled at this opportunity to continue to work in and learn about human rights.  Woohoo!!


3 thoughts on “This time for South Africa.

  1. Congratulations, and welcome to the ConCourt. I’m currently clerking for Justice Nkabinde and am having a great time. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you should have any questions.

    Mike deBarros

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