Leaving AK.

Seventy-two hours before my flight to Colorado.

I’m in near panic mode with people to see and things to do.  Mostly, I want to hold on to it all.  I guess you could say I am a little in denial about leaving, wanting to put electric tape over the time and keep on with my life up here.  I will be back in February to take the bar though, and that small fact makes this all much easier.  That and the next two weeks of travel and reuniting with old friends.

Anchorage has been hit with a prodigious amount of snow this past month and we’ve all been taking advantage of it.  XC skiing is my new favorite and so much fun.  My first trip was to Powerline Pass–headlamps were brought but not even necessary.  The ambient light from city lights and the reflective power of snow was all we needed.  We were out for something like two hours, only having to clumsily and quickly turn around because a moose was in our way!

Below– some photos of a winter walk “the family” made before my classmate left, his coop ended a week sooner than mine.

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