Nothing like home.

My time in BH this summer was fleeting.  Pop drove up on a Friday to help me pack up at Laurel Street, and we got it done in time to beat afternoon traffic.  Pop is a champ.  Packing up is never easy and that day was no exception.  More than one thing was left behind.  Much of it was easy to leave.  My bike of ten years, not so much.  Fortunately I was able to leave her with a friend who promised to take care of her in my absence.  Of course, now that I’m in Anchorage, no one rides fixies here.  Jack woulda been sourly underpowered for this mountain community.  And I have a car too.  Still, riding cross the Mass Ave. bridge is gonna stand out as some of my favorite moments in B-town.

I LOVE my family and I LOVE the LOVE my family has for me.  They are such a blessing.  Especially as my little sister came up from DC for a visit.  In the small amount of time I was there, I managed to get to Bedford Diner three times.  Plus, an amazingly huge old-school italian dinner with family and early walk through Muscoot.  I stayed through Wednesday morning and I’m looking forward to going back closer to Christmas time.

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