Life at the fair and E.’s 50th state.

It was meant to be.

While in the tristate area last week, I swung by to have Mexican with my nurse friend E. who works at a jail in the area.  I asked her a hundred and one questions about working with people in prison while I got to fill her in on my crazy three month rotations.  We figured out that while I was leaving for Anchorage on Wednesday, E. was leaving on Saturday for Anchorage with her sister, M.  It’s their LAST state to visit of the 50 states.  What are the freakin’ chances?!

Hurricane Irene postponed the trip but just by a few days and we still got to spend the day at the fair together this past Friday.  Woot woot.

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Growing up in New York, I do not remember any mention of a state fair.  Turns out the NY fair is in Syracuse, which explains a lot.  Meanwhile, everyone I know in Anchorage made it out to the Alaska State Fair this year.  It runs for almost two weeks and is less than an hour away — which helps, I’m sure.

You had your carnie rides, your peddlers, lots of yummy food (for anyone keeping track of my crazy food restrictions, I definitely made some exceptions for fair food), live music, acrobatic performers and giant vegetables.

We were personally on hand for the weighing of the giant cabbage this year.  I don’t want to keep you in too much suspense (M. and E. managed to wait over an hour during the weighing of the not so giant cabbages) but this year’s winner was just half a pound shy of the world’s record at 126.4 pounds.


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