Time for one last thing.

On the way to the railroad station last week with A. and C., I caught sight of something that made me catch my breath.

First there was the Red Fort on the right of our rickshaw and then a fleeting glance of Jama Masjid.  Both were stunning sights from another world.

I went back to visit the Jama Masjid early this morning, intent on staying out of the full hot sun.  Delhi is fast turning into an oven.  The morning was a wonderful time for a visit.  And the Masjid was a rare space to find in the Delhi bustle:  vast, quiet, and cool.  The large courtyard was mostly empty and the stones still cool.

I made it through the gates quickly and in Indian dress, not having to put on the brightly colored smocks that foreign women are sometimes made to wear.  The bright pinks and yellows really clash with the regal elegance of Jama Masjid, emphasizing the otherness of visitors and the women especially.

The entire place to me felt holy.  I made my way up a minaret for a full view of the city, chiding an kid who was trying to light a cigarette at the top of the tower.  The wind running through at the top was better than running through sprinkler.  And the views, stunning.


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