Another side of Delhi.

Delhi is a big city and sometimes I forget.  Sometimes I get distracted by the fancy shops and the seemingly limitless supply of bangles presented to me in the market.

This past Saturday Sister Delphy and I took the metro to another neighborhood.  The violet line to the yellow line, to the red to the green to, finally, our destination, Nangloi.

The settlement, just steps from the metro, is different from my side of Delhi.  The streets aren’t paved, goats roam freely, and the community tap reflects the lack of plumbing in the houses.

Shanti Devi was from this community and this is where her child will be raised.  Sister and I met with some activists in the community about the ongoing lawsuit.  She talked and translated and I took notes in order to report back to the office.

The pattern of the back and forth was familiar.  Each item took about three tries before Sister would turn to me and explain what was happening.  We sat five in a five-by-six room, with someone sitting in front of each of the two door ways.  I had to politely turn the cold drink they offered down.

The activist energy was also familiar.  That the law is slow is an understatement, and so, as much as the community was interested in helping us prepare for the hearing tomorrow there was also the presentation of a list reflecting corruption in the community and a request to take pictures of the water tap which had no appropriate drainage.

Drainage is particularly important as summer is coming.  It’s warm and standing water is an invitation for mosquitos and infectious diseases.  At last count I’ve 56 bites.  Rumour has it that the mozzies like fair skin most of all.

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