Public defenders.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Margaret and I made our way to Juvenile Court near Delhi University.  It only took two hours to go less than 20 kms.  That was fun.

Fortunately, we have an amazing number of friends here whom we can rely on to call and help us out of a linguistic bind.  It’s one thing to know where you are going, it’s a whole other thing to know where you are going and be able to communicate that destination to your rickshaw driver.

It was a relatively quiet day at the juvenile court.  Many parents were sitting outside the court room waiting to be called, and there was a lot less of the legal pomp and circumstance exhibited at the adult courts.  Margaret and I sat in some of the hearings (again, all in Hindi), met with public defenders (including Anant, a good friend), and a parole officer who serves as the social worker.

As with most things here, while things initially felt very different, they were also very much the same.

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