India bleeds blue.

You might have heard but probably missed that India won the Cricket World Cup just two weeks ago.  I couldn’t find it reported in the NY Times or Boston Globe but it was everywhere here in Delhi.

TVs were set up outside, screens in parks and bars set enormous cover charges with promises of large screens and limitless beer.

I did the unthinkable and learned the game in the final hours of the match.  And slowly I began following along, holding my breath when Sri Lanka was at bat and shreeking when India scored.  The win was strong and the country ecstatic and high on the triumphant energy.  Fireworks were immediately released and the dancing in the streets began.

My favorite moment of the night was sitting with a friend on the main road watching jubilant traffic go by.  People were on top of cars, music was blaring, this one guy driving a tractor managed to drive with his knees as he waived and danced with us.

There was an odd moment when police near us decided to cross the street (6 lanes of traffic) to chase people with long sticks.  We had no idea what to make of it but it reminded me of the destructive violence after a Red Sox win but in that moment in South Ex, only the police were the trouble makers.  The rest were content to dance, sing and surrender to victory.

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