Hearing prep.

Last week things went from hectic to hectic.  On Thursday HRLN won the High Court’s injunction against government demolitions in a New Delhi shanti-town while my extradition case was before district court on Friday.

The hearing, the hearing, the hearing!

First a quick intro.

Client has been in Indian jail for over two years awaiting the outcome of this case.  Over two years!  And Client has been busy in those two years.  I’ve reviewed every hearing, every bail application, every piece of evidence submitted.  Whew.

It’s exhausting but getting the face-time with Client in Tihar was re-invogarating.  Client is totally is fighter and it’s infectious.  I am now all about winning this case.

So anyhow, here’s a quick run-down of how the hearing went:

Prosecutor begins: This petition is the same old same old.

Judge nods.

Advocate says, in booming voice: Oh no it is not!  I would like to draw your attention to this <totally new and never looked at fact> and this <totally new and never looked at fact>.

Judge looks up: Oh really?!  Well, that changes everything.  I want to hear more Monday.

Woot, woot!!

This past weekend we three work like mad to prepare for Monday.  Sister and I review the full file for almost FIVE hours on Saturday.  Advocate and I write ten-page submission in ten hours with him dictating and me writing.  I don’t get to bed until after midnight on Sunday and am in the office at 8am this morning.  PHEW.

I was SUPER excited for this morning, to say the least.  Then, while Sister is writing page numbers on our annexures, she gets a phone call.

The hearing has been rescheduled to mid-APRIL.

We’re all heartbroken and especially Client and Client’s family most of all.  Sister too as she is heading out of town this Friday.

Not the best note to end the day on but I am excited to get home and rest some.  Big things are around the corner…

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