And it is remarkable

The other day I had the treat to meet a friend of a friend who is doing anti-trafficking work with International Justice Mission in Bangalore.  Kristen, was in Delhi with her mom who was visting from California.  Brave mom.

I met them at one tourist attraction and we went together to another.  It was a beautiful time to get to drive around as dusk overtook the city.  Still plenty of traffic though.

We finished the night at Select City Mall, which is a shopping center akin to the Westchester or Copley—so not my favorite place in Delhi.  As we found someplace to eat, the discussion turned on the strange privilege of being able to find “American” food and culture nearly anywhere in the world.  And it is remarkable and something I think about.

The night ended on a more Indian note though as I ran into a local friend right after Kristen and her mom left.  My local friend was meeting up with a friend from Bangalore as well and we laughed over the small world we live in on the way to the metro.

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