Not going anywhere for a while?

File and cup of chai is all I need.

I’m sitting by, I just agreed to sit-in as a senior attorney reviews an application for bail. He warned me it would take two-hours and for some reason I said, no problem. Now we go line by line, with the senior at the computer and another attorney and newly hired law school graduate flipping through the file.

I thought the process would be slow since the attorney is seeing impaired but really, we’re slowed because of his slow and constant questions. His tone is firm, not aggrssive, as he directs his assistants to what he wants.

I’m understanding about a quarter of what is going on. I would think about leaving but as the new hire started talking Hindi, he chided her with a smile to talk English so I could understand. I don’t understand why I’m here but it’s the first time someone has tried to include my linguistically, so I am staying put.

The application is littered with grammatical inconsistencies, spaces are missing, dates are inconsistently written. I am biting my tongue. There’s no table of contents and the flipping maddens me. It’s already been an hour and we’re still on the first page.

But to be sure, the advocates pay painstaking care to all the relevant details of their argument. Dates, hospital visits, parents’ occupation. Everyone knows the statute by heart.

And the advocate slowly describes his legal strategy for helping his client make bail after two years of “languishing” in Indian jail. It is a complicated argument, one that has obviously taken a lot of thought.

Case law isn’t on his side in this instance, I have yet to see a case where bail was granted in an extradition case but he is determined.

Page two.


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