The weather outside.

In September, I was cooping in Anchorage, Alaska and basking in their 14+ hours of sunlight.  But the sun escaped us more and more each day, and left a chill in the air.  The snow slowly started covering more and more of the Chugash mountains.  October was cold and there was snow on the ground before I left in November.

Of course, I love the snow but still, it seems appropriate that my winter, which started early, should end early as well.

My first few days in Delhi were overcast.  The sky was permanently white but now–sun and blue skies.  The temperature is steadily climbing and everyone is talking in anticipation of the real hot weather that comes in June.  I hear the same dread in their voices as when we get blasts of minus degree weather.

With this in mind, I’m hoping to be in the mountains for most of May.  And there’s snow up there too.


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