Another year older.

Living and learning in the U.S., I always underestimate the diversity beyond U.S. borders.  Then, walking around Lima or Cape Town or Delhi and I am reminded that while we live in an enormous world, we actually live really close to one another.  Especially so in Delhi.

Today is the day Hindus celebrate the birth of Shiva, a deity or a representation of a deity at least.  It is a somewhat holiday–schools are closed, my landlady is fasting.  The courts are open and so HRLN is open.  With so many different people in Delhi, it seems that there is something to celebrate everyday of the week.

yup, (mango) corn flakes are veg!

I won’t be fasting for Shiva but I will say I am grateful to live in a (mostly) veg community.  All veg-friendly foods are labeled with a green dot and meaty foods have a red one. It’s so simple, it’s genius.

The constant celebrating is reminiscent of the Catholic calendar and the many saints days and festivals.  There is a small Hindu shrine at my residence to burn incense at just as there was a Catholic shrine in my home stay in Guatemala.  Both are cared for by the matriarchs of the house. The parallels make me smile.  We’re so many people but we’re people everywhere.

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