First and last days.

For my first day and Asia’s last day in India, we visited a ‘must see’ in Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb.

The sight is close to the HRLN office where we started the day, but that didn’t stop the rickshaw driver from going the wrong way.  We were nearly back home before we realized he had gone the opposite direction and turned him around.  But this is India.  These things happen.

Humayun’s Tomb was breathtaking and very similar in style to the Taj Mahal.  Just not quite on the same scale.  Still, an impressive and beautiful sight.  Also fun were all the school children running around with their stylized and colorful uniforms.  We heard lots of shrieks and the braver of the lot approached us to ask our names.

We ended the day at a sweet and traditional style vegetarian Indian restaurant with some other HRLN staffers.  We ordered some of everything and ate to our heart’s content for a whopping 55R each.  I am still translating that in my head to dollars (Rs 55 = 1.21 USD)—which only serves to confuse me.  How can so much cost so little?  Don’t answer that.

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