Parle vous.

What can one say?  My heart was set on an overnight layover in Paris.  Amazingly enough, there was a competitively priced flight on Air France that arrived at 6am and had me leaving at 10am the next day.  This translated into a leisurely, albeit long, day and a full night’s sleep at a hostel in a 17th century farmhouse.

February is still definitely winter in France and the air was a chilly 50 degrees and overcast.  Not great for pictures or sitting around but certainly fine for walking the span of the city.

My short stay was A LOT of seeing.  I walked the length of Montparnasse; explored the Rodin Museum, the Parthenon with Napoleon’s Tomb, the Eiffel Tower and whatever lays across the river from it, the Arc d’Triumph, Sacre Coeur, Moulin Rouge; and finally, walked along the Seine River to the Louvre and vespers at Notre Dame.

I expected a lonely, quiet day.  My one semester of college French is long gone and I left my phrase book at home.  Still, I met an American stationed in Germany at the Rodin Museum and ran back into him at the Eiffel Tower.  We ended up spending most of the afternoon together, chatting about the wonder of the space we were momentarily in and laughing at our very American attempts at French.

What an incredible city.  So many features, so much richness and vastness.  The cars were tiny to begin with and then, coupled with the magnificent city streets and prominent buildings, they looked absolutely miniature!

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One thought on “Parle vous.

  1. bonjour jessica!!
    this post is an amazing memory and makes me feel famous to be mentioned haha. can you imagine the chances of how we met in a world city? crazy~~ahhh i have to catch up on my photos and find the ones we took at the eiffel tower!!
    i’m stationed in el paso, texas now~~so i was recently home in florida and your postcard was on my bed! i was so excited to get it and to know you are safe, busy, and living to the max. it all looks and sounds amazing…..
    i look forward to keeping in touch now and learning about india through your eyes!! ciao ciao 🙂
    your intercontinental friend, michael

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