Packing list.

There are few things in life that I enjoy like putting together a packing list. This trip I’ve been trying to maintain some restraint and not use it as an excuse to run out and buy new gear. I have so much already and I know my conscience is going to catch up with me when I’m inundated with just how many little kids run around New Delhi without running water, a proper bed to sleep in, or shoes.

But everyone loves to share so here is my packing list for three months in New Delhi plus some anticipated travel on the side.

Packing it up
1. Take 2 ORV Trunk (50+49 L)
2. TNF Base Camp Duffel (SM, 40L)
3. Stuff sacks/cubes
4. TNF Melinda back pack
5. EMS Packable day pack
6. Money belt
7. Wallet

Keeping decent
3 pairs pants
2 skirts
4 collared shirts
2 shirts
1 long sleeve
1 business suit

3 shorts
2 jeans
2 yoga pants
2 tshirts
4 tanktops
1 bathing suit
3 hoodies
1 pajamas

1 rain coat
2 light coats
1 light down jacket
1 Keen H2
1 Keen Targhee
1 nice shoe

Keeping clean
1. Daily skin care
2. Dental care
3. Hair care
4. Deodorant
5. Ear plugs

Keeping well
1. Travel first aid kit
2. Antihistamines
3. Digestion aides
4. Motion sickness pills, wristbands
5. Vitamins

Keeping legal
1. Passport
2. Student ID
3. Photocopies of everything
4. Capitalone

Keeping in touch
1. Laptop w/charger and sleeve
2. Cell phone w/charger
3. Camera w/batteries
4. Surge protector and power adapter

All in good fun
1. Mosquito net
2. Headlamp w/batteries
3. Water bottles
4. Travel towel
5. Sleep sack
6. Lantern

Reminds me of home
1. Photos
2. Journal
3. Favorite mug
4. Peppermint oil
5. Lavender
6. Favorite books (Franny & Zooey)
7. Trident gum

Everything else
1. Sunglasses
2. LP India
3. Yoga mat
4. Kite
5. Nice pens (for presents)


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