It begins with snow.

A friend leaned over and asked me if I was ready for India. Ready? Gosh. I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully ready. But I’m excited and I’m packing and I’m preparing.

If you don’t know already, I’m heading to New Delhi for three months at the end of this month. I have an internship at Human Rights Law Network, a fabulous and national human rights organization in India. While HRLN does work in a variety of areas (environmental justice issues, employment, housing), I am anticipating working in their maternal and child health section. Asia, a fellow NUSL student who is interning there presently, says the office is extremely busy. In the past two months, she’s attended protests, written advocacy letters and petitions, helped organize and run trainings in sexual and reproductive rights, and traveled a great deal to boot. I’m humbled and can’t wait to get started!

In the meantime, Boston (and most of the continental 48) is getting buried in snow and my classmates and I are waiting anxiously to see what classes are cancelled so we can stay home. I especially want to take a friend up on her invitation to go sledding. The city is already blanketed with over a foot snow, the kind that has been on the ground and gotten dirty and frozen. While I know it’s a logistical nightmare, I love the snow and will be sad to see it go!!


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